Rely On Affordable Metal Roofing Services

Plan your metal roof installation in Shepherd & Billings, MT

Metal roofing is lightweight, durable and energy-efficient. For your metal roof installation, make sure you go through Norse Construction, LLC. Our experience and expertise in metal roofing is unmatched.

We can install new roofs by tearing off your old roof and replacing it. We ensure that your roofing costs and HVAC bills can stay low. You can also choose reroofing, which involves adding a layer to your existing roof. This strengthens the roof and covers any holes.

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If part of your metal roof has corroded or rusted away, get in touch with an expert. We'll perform the metal roof repair you need, so you can keep your building safe and dry.

Without reliable roof repair work, you could find yourself dealing with:

Skyrocketing HVAC bills
Animal or insect invasions
Water damage in your attic

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