Patch Up Your Roof After a Serious Storm

We have decades of experience repairing hail damage

If you've recently been through a hail storm, you could have serious damage to your roof without even knowing. Norse Construction, LLC provides quality hail damage repairs at fair and honest prices. We'll inspect your roof, figure out the extent of the damage and come up with a solution. Then, we'll get started on the roof repairs right away.

Call now to request our hail damage repair services.

Hail can do some serious damage to your siding and roof. Don't wait around for those tiny holes to turn into a huge problem. Reach out to our top-notch roofing company to perform the repairs you require. Our experience gives us the background knowledge we need to take on roof repairs.

We can:

  • Patch holes in your roof
  • Prevent further water damage to your home
  • Determine whether you need a roof replacement
Contact us today to discuss the hail damage to your roof.